More Ultimate Alliance action

We've used our superhuman powers to gather up a full complement of new Marvel: Ultimate Alliance screens, publisher Activision's superhero RPG heading for a PS2, PS3, Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PSP and GBA release this November. To see them, just hit the Images tab above. We've added a whopping six videos (a trailer and some character-specific highlight flicks) to the Moviestab, too.

The game allows you to hand-pick a team of four superheroes from a total of 20 playable Marvel characters, then take on the united might of the Marvel supervillains gathered together by Doctor Doom. It puts together some unlikely groupings, but also an explosive combination of superhuman talent.

Activision chose San Diego's Comic-Con event to showcase the new Ultimate Alliance. The annual four-day-long convention for fans of comics, films and science fiction ended yesterday, and was obviously an ideal place to build excitement for a game that features the largest superhero alliance ever.

July 24, 2006