More PlayStation acquisitions teased by a developer

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More PlayStation acquisitions could be on the way, according to a new rumor.

A lengthy ResetEra thread dedicated to PlayStation Worldwide Studios is the source of the new speculation. Yesterday, Untold Tales brand manager Shinobi602 added a comment to the thread where users were celebrating the acquisitions of Firesprite and Nixxes, posting a gif with the caption "there's room for a little more."

This is a fairly pointed tease from the brand manager of the indie publishing label. Nixxes was originally acquired by PlayStation in July, to help port over existing PlayStation-exclusive games to PC. Firesprite, on the other hand, was only just acquired by the company earlier this month, and right now there's no indication as to what Firesprite could be working on under PlayStation.

Speculation surrounding PlayStation acquisitions is always going on. Earlier this year in June, PlayStation Japan appeared to accidentally reveal the imminent acquisition of Bluepoint Games, before swiftly pulling down said announcement after a few hours from Twitter. Since then, we've heard nothing but rumors surrounding the status of the Demon's Souls remake developer, and nothing has ever been said on the accidental statement from PlayStation Japan.

Even Sony Pictures's boss expects to see more acquisitions from PlayStation. In a panel earlier this month, the CEO said that he anticipates further acquisitions by Sony in the gaming sphere, paving the way for even more studios to be brought under the PlayStation Worldwide Studios umbrella, after Returnal developer Housemarque was acquired earlier this year. It's been a busy year of acquisitions for PlayStation, and there might still be a few announcements left to make.

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