Moon Knight #14 brings back long lost villain Morpheus

Moon Knight flies away from Morpheus
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Moon Knight has been busy tussling with new foes at his Midnight Mission in the most recent volume of his title, but now an old enemy returns. Here's an exclusive first look at Stephen Segovia's cover for Moon Knight #24, seen below, which brings back classic villain Morpheus after more than two decades away.

Written by Jed Mackay with art by Federico Sabbatini, the new issue sees Robert Markham - AKA Morpheus - return to battle Marc Spector once more. The character, created by Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz, first appeared in July 1981's Moon Knight #12.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

It's been a while since Markham has crossed Spector's path. The villain, who has the ability to shoot psionic blasts and project nightmares into the minds of his victims, was last seen in Moon Knight: Resurrection War by Doug Moench and Tommy Lee Edwards, published in 1998.

Now back in the picture, it seems that Morpheus will have some kind of underlying connection to some of the mysteries that have recently plagued Marc Spector at his Midnight Mission, where he aims to help all those who travel in darkness.

"A plague of dreams sweeps through a tenement building, the boundaries between the world of sleep and that of the waking grow porous and Moon Knight must deal with his old enemy Morpheus!" reads Marvel's official solicitation text. "But what secret does Morpheus hold...and how will that bring a terrifying new understanding to the seemingly unconnected incidents of the recent past?"

Moon Knight #24 goes on sale June 14.

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