Moon - exclusive screens and developer interview

GR: Moon is set in 2058 - seeing as its 2008 now, we should have a pretty good idea what kind of tech will be around in 50 years. Are you going for a literal, kinda grounded 2058 or will you throw in some futuristic (i.e. improbable) tech for fun?

JW: Without giving too much away: yes, both.

GR: We know you play as Major Kane - will there be supporting characters, people who you interact with?

JW: Yes, we’ll release more information on Major Kane’s buddies soon.

GR: What about enemies? Space horror tends to throw freaked-out astronauts left and right, but will we see any alien encounters, possibly in the hatch Kane is investigating?

JW: Absolutely.

GR: We haven't seen much in the way of violence or gore just yet. Is it safe to assume Moon will present plenty of Dementium-like moments, or will the horror aspect be subdued?

JW: Our focus is more on the action-adventure aspect of the game; presenting the player with interesting gameplay challenges.

GR: What's the gameplay balance? Will we be blasting down hallways for the most part or is there a puzzle/adventure element as well?

JW: There’s plenty of blasting down hallways, and we’ve also tried to take the gameplay a few levels deeper than we did with Dementium in an effort to present a more enjoyable and challenging experience.

GR: Dementium is very much an M-rated game. Are you aiming for another M title with Moon?

JW: The rating will be up to the ESRB.

GR: You had plenty of gory reference material for a game like Dementium - what're you looking at for inspiration now?

JW: Our pool of reference is a little wider with Moon. Obviously we can’t ignore a movie like Alien, a game series like Metroid, and we also can’t help but be inspired by classics like Goldeneye 64.

GR: Any Wii considerations floating around the Renegade Kid offices?

JW: Yes, absolutely, but we’ll talk more about that later.

GR: Finally, can you tell us one thing no one knows about Moon yet (please don't say "Wait until E3")?

JW: The original game concept for Moon was a 2D game design I created many years ago, originally designed for the Game Boy Color. It has met with many changes since that original idea – obviously – but its spirit is still intact.

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Jun 18, 2008

Brett Elston

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