Monument Valley 2 adds new chapter to promote forest conservation

Monument Valley 2
(Image credit: Ustwo)

Four years from launch, Monument Valley 2 is getting a brand new chapter dedicated to conserving the Earth's forests and battling climate change.

The chapter is titled The Lost Forest, and it includes four new "intimate scenes," which you can see briefly previewed in the teaser trailer below. Developer ustwo games says it released the new chapter as part of its contribution to Green Game Jam, a collective effort by game studios to encourage climate action.

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In The Lost Forest's case, ustwo aims to raise awareness of deforestation and encourage players to sign the Play4Forests petition, which will ideally bring a million signatures to key UN conferences and call on world leaders to ramp up forest conservation.

"Brand new chapter The Lost Forest sets out to remind players of the beauty of trees, and the importance of the preservation of our world’s forests as a crucial ally in the fight against climate change," ustwogames says of Monument Valley 2's new chapter, which is available now free of charge to anyone with a copy of the base game.

Monument Valley 2 launched back in 2017 on iOS and Android with 14 chapters to work through. In August 2019, we learned ustwo had started work on Monument Valley 3, but we haven't heard a peep from the studio on the sequel since, and as such there's no release date yet.

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