Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Alatreon update gets a release date and another monster teaser

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne title update four, better known as the update with Alatreon, will finally be released on Thursday, July 9. 

Title update four was previously delayed due to coronavirus-related complications and went without a new release date for months, so it's nice to see it back on track and coming soon. Alatreon, a new elder dragon which wields multiple elements, is the headliner for the update, but based on its new teaser trailer, it's got plenty more in store. You can watch the dedicated Alatreon trailer above, and there's a short teaser for the title update four dev diary below. 

We've known about Alatreon for some time, and especially with him being a returning monster, there's not much mystery there. So despite how short it is, the dev diary teaser is actually more informative. It shows a tropical summer festival (which will likely start in July and run into August) and some new cosmetics, but the most exciting bit comes right at the end. 

Just as the previous update added Furious Rajang and Raging Brachydios, it seems title update four will add Frozen Barioth in addition to Alatreon, at least according to that distinctive roar and visage at the end. And if that's not enough, Capcom left an on-the-nose teaser in this blog post, citing the teaser's "pretty chilling" ending. 

Frozen Barioth has only previously appeared in the Japanese mobile game Monster Hunter Explore, so it'll be mighty cool to see him in a full-fat game like World. I wasn't a massive fan of World's version of Barioth, but only because he spends so much time running around, so a more aggressive, icy variant could be a more enjoyable fight. Barioth also had some great weapons, so upgraded versions may well shake the end-game meta. In any case, while it took its sweet time getting here, title update four is looking like a belter.

Here are some Monster Hunter World: Iceborne tips to help you get started with this massive and still-growing expansion. 

Austin Wood

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