Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin coming to Switch in summer 2021

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin was announced for Nintendo Switch during today's Nintendo Mini Direct, and it's coming in summer 2021. 

Monster Hunter Stories is a spin-off series which originally started on the 3DS in 2016. It's a turn-based monster-raising RPG about bonding with the creatures from Monster Hunter, known here as Monsties. Thematically, it's closer to Pokemon than a traditional Monster Hunter game. That said, it's a mighty complex and lovely JRPG, and the sequel looks like a worthy follow-up so far.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin follows the descendant of a legendary rider, and it picks up with an unprecedented migration of Rathalos. Joined by a Wyverian girl entrusted with a Rathalos egg, you set out to find the cause of the Rathalos disappearance and form friendships – both with Monsties and other characters – along the way. 

Rathalos is obviously the centerpiece of Wings of Ruin, but several other monsters have already been confirmed for the sequel. Monster Hunter World originals like Anjanath and Legiana join longtime staples such as Tigrex, Velocidrome, and plenty of smaller monsters which can all be tamed. 

Capcom was much lighter on Wings of Ruin details compared to the Monster Hunter Rise reveal, so that's about all we know for now. That said, we also know that Wings of Ruin and Monster Hunter Rise will have some sort of crossover content, but exactly what it is remains to be seen. More information will be shared on September 25 at the Tokyo Game Show, and when we know more, you'll know more. 

Monster Hunter Rise is coming in March, and it's got giant dogs you can ride. Need we say more?

Austin Wood

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