Monster Hunter Rise demo coming tonight, here's a new trailer to hold you over

The Monster Hunter Rise demo is coming tonight, Capcom announced at today's special sneak-peek event.

The exact timing on the demo's release is a bit hazy, with the event showcase listing it for January 7 and the official Monster Hunter Rise website and Twitter account pointing to January 8. 

After speaking with Capcom, it's our understanding that the demo will be released today, January 7, at 3pm PST / 6pm EST / 11pm BST, but it may be delayed depending on eShop timing. However, Capcom has confirmed that it will come out on January 7, so it should be midnight local time at the latest. One thing's for sure: the demo will only be available until February 1 (or midnight on January 31), so get your fill while you can. 

The demo includes four quests: basic training that focuses on the new gadget-like Wirebugs, Wyvern riding training highlighting the new mounting system, a beginner hunt targeting the raptor-like Great Izuchi, and an intermediate hunt starring the bubbly leviathan Mizutsune. If past demos are anything to go by, other monsters will likely be available in these quests as well. The bear-like Arzuros, for instance, was seen in the Wyvern riding quest. 

The demo hunts are both set in the Shrine Ruins map, and you'll be able to bring a Palico and Palamute companion with you. All 14 weapons will be usable in the demo, and local and online multiplayer will also be available, though you'll need to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to play online. Note that you'll only get to play the hunting quests solo a total of 30 times, so make the most of your attempts (and make alternate Nintendo accounts or play online if you really want to get around this limitation). 

The demo's impending release was announced on the heels of a big new trailer for Rise, as well as supporting trailers that go in-depth on Wirebug usage and Wyvern riding. The premier trailer gives us another look at some new and returning monsters, including the flagship beast Magnamalo, as well as another all-new monster: Goss Harrag, a yeti-like behemoth that wields a blade of ice. 

You can pre-order Monster Hunter Rise via our guide.

The Monster Hunter Rise demo was first announced at The Game Awards alongside another trailer showing off some more new monsters. It's also now rubbing shoulders with a more unexpected announcement - a Monster Hunter World board game.

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