Monster Hunter Freedom tracked down

We've managed to capture some brand new screens of Capcom's forthcoming action/RPG for PSP, Monster Hunter Freedom.

Part action, part RPG, Monster Hunter Freedom builds on the world established in theearlier PS2 game with an enhanced single-player game to compensate for the fact that you can't creature-kill online.

This doesn't mean that you're not able to hunt in packs, though, as localisedwi-fi four-player missions are still possible; you just need to find four Monster Hunter-playing mates with PSPs.

The game places you in a fantastical landroamed by hulking monsters. Yourchallenge is to venture out from the safety of asmall village andhunt down these huge beasts. The spoils of the hunt can then be used to upgrade weaponry and armor so your hunter is better-equipped to go after larger and more dangerous creatures.

Capcom has created some majestic beasts that still impress with their presence and scale when encountered on PSP. In fact, the PSP version sometimes looks better than the full console version as the smaller screen hides some of the more prickly edges.

Other PSP-exclusive features include a two-player cooperative treasure hunting game, an enhanced village hub, and a Felyne Kitchen where there areseveral cats to prepare skill-enhancing food for you.

Monster Hunter Freedom has already seen huge success in Japan, with over 400,000 copies being sold, so it will be interesting to see how US gamers take to it when it comes out here next month.