Monday News Link-A-Mania

Urban Spaceman
Karl Urban, who plays the young Bones McCoy in Star Trek XI, has spoken to TV Guide about the series. The way I feel about it, being as specific as I'm allowed to be, is it's like listening to a radio station in AM and then tuning it into high-definition stereo. Everything will sort of really come into high-definition focus...” he says , but refuses to reveal if he has an “I'm a doctor, not a…” line

Benz on Punisher
Julie Benz, of Buffy and Angel fame, has revealed to Sci Fi Wire that she plays the wife of a murdered FBI agent in the upcoming Punisher sequel movie. "It's directed by Lexi Alexander," says Benz. "It's one of the first times I've gotten to work with a female director. I was very excited about that. Also, for me, I get to do my first accent. I'm doing a New York accent."

Harry Potter VIII?
Ain’t It Cool is reporting a rumour that the final Harry Potter movie may be spilt into two parts. Haven’t we heard this one before?

4400 Fans Rally Round
Fans of the 4400 have set up an on-line petition in an attempt to save the show from the axe. So far it claims to have had had 6,000 “signatures".