Modern Warfare 3 spotted early at select US Kmarts

Are you close to a Kmart and want to get your hands on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 one week before everyone else? You may want to nonchalantly check out the electronics section, since rumor has it some Kmart stores in the US have received boxes of highly-anticipated FPS with instructions to sell the game immediately and have dutifully followed orders, as opposed to waiting for the official November 8 street date.

Reports of the early leak come from Kotaku, where one reader from Florida claims to have purchased multiple copies of MW3 from a local Kmart and posted a picture of his pre-release bounty. Other copies have since appeared on online auction sites, with one ebayer displaying the game with a Kmart receipt, writing, “This is a legitimate copy with receipt! I have the copy in hand and can be shipped within a day of purchase!”

Sadly, your chances of picking up an early copy from Kmart might be slipping away. We reached out to different Kmarts around the US and were told that a notice had been sent out to stores, reaffirming the November 8 street date.

Considering we were unable to find another US Kmart store breaking MW3's street date, it's likely this is an isolated (and understandable) misunderstanding on the part of a few select Kmart employees. We also checked some locations in Canada, where Kmarts are known as either Zellers or Targets, and we were unable to find a location that a) is selling MW3 now or b) even knows what it is. However, we were told multiple times by various electronics employees that they had Gears of War 3, which leads us to believe there is a very high chance mistakes are being made somewhere.

Let us know if you've spotted MW3 at a Kmart or other retailer near you.

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