Modder puts cut Bloodborne enemies back into game, to varying degrees of success

While some Bloodborne fans continue to wait for news of a Bloodborne 2 (which may or may not ever happen), others are doing the hard work of reassembling content left on the original's cutting room floor. And now, developer Lance McDonald has given us perhaps our best look at what these foes would have looked like in the towering spires of Yharnam - albeit untextured and somewhat unfinished.

McDonalds owes much of his work to a datamine from December which revealed plenty of unused beasties for the game, several of which you see in the video above. As McDonalds points out, the creatures all exist in varying degrees of incompleteness. Some have full resolution textures and attack animations, while others simply scoot around or animate jerkily as they flail at (but cannot damage) the player.

Still others seem like they were fairly far along in development before they were canned. The "Lesser Demon" and "King Skeleton" are particularly close to finished, as the former can navigate an environment quite well as it performs a variety of attacks, and the latter can not only attack and be attacked by players, but even has a unique death animation. McDonalds posits that the Lesser Demon was likely a boss or mini-boss, while the King Skeleton was likely a more standard NPC enemy. It's suspected (but not confirmed) they were both cut for not quite fitting into the Bloodborne aesthetic - skeletons are distinctly lacking in blood after all, and demons are more of a Dark Souls thing.

In any case, it's pretty cool that new mysteries are still being uncovered in a game quickly approaching its three-year anniversary. And if you still can't get enough of the Hunters and their neverending quest to cleanse our world of beasts, be sure check out the Bloodborne comic coming in February.

Sam Prell

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