Misfits Episode 2.03 Review


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Writer: Howard Overman
Director: Tom Green

THE ONE WHERE A super-tattooist makes Nathan have the hots for Simon, while Alisha discovers the true identity of Superhoody.

VERDICT So, it’s Simon! Many of you may have guessed that Superhoody was probably one of the misfits from the future (the countdown clocks were a bit of a dead giveaway) but few would have put their money on Simon. While in theory it could seem like writer Howard Overman just Derren Browned us by choosing the least likely male (and sticking him in the most unlikely relationship – with Alisha) for shock value, in practice you’re totally sold, and not only because Future-Simon is more ripped than anyone could have expected. Iwan Rheon is totally convincing in this dual role, and some of his scenes (both as his present and future selves) are amongst the most affecting the show has produced, especially when he tells Alisha, “I feel sorry for beautiful girls. Sometimes people can’t see past their looks.” Sure, it’s hard not to think “Future Hiro!” but admit it, you’re intrigued where all this is heading.

Other than that, this show is getting tricky to review, because all you want to do is list all the great lines and brilliant moments. The tattoo plot gives Nathan another chance to gross us all out, and Robert Sheehan throws himself into the role with his usual loveable gusto, getting all the majority of the best lines (“Do my feelings for him offend you? Well, I'm sorry, ’cos they're true and pure… well, true”, “He’s like a handsome shark”). And the nut allergy finale is stupidly brilliant (“Drop the nuts!”) – it could have quite happily fitted into Scott Pilgrim .

Not sure about Curtis’s new (possible) girlfriend, Nikki, though. She’s seems to change character with every scene she’s in, and all that flashing her knickers nonsense is just too full on. While the main characters are freakishly endearing and (despite their superpowers) recognisably familiar as the kind of youths we know from the real world , she comes across as a caricature and a “TV” creation. Maybe she’ll grown on us. Curtis’s flashforward last week certainly hints that she’ll be around a while.

FANBOY Anyone else not surprised that Simon has “just bought the Battlestar Galactica DVD box set”?

WTF? Nathan has Spandau Ballet on his iPod? Have we entered an alternate dimension, or does he love them for cheese value?

JUST GROSS You have to wince at the way both Simon and later Nathan fondle that mannequin’s plastic (lack of) genitalia.

INTRIGUING Hmm, so Future Simon can touch Alisha. Wonder how that develops?

Simon: “You think I’d risk my life travelling through the dimensions of time so I could sniff your knickers?”

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