Minecraft gets gorgeous grass in a mod that might melt your PC

Minecraft scene
(Image credit: Mojang)

A Minecraft user has created some incredibly realistic-looking grass.

Just below, you can see a snapshot of the Reddit user NicoRTX's brand new creation. The new creation within Minecraft comes through a Resource Pack, and all throughout the comments section underneath the Reddit post users are equal parts fascinated by the creation, and terrified of the doom that it could spell for their computers.

At the time of writing, the post has nearly 24,000 upvotes on the Minecraft subreddit, around five days after it was first posted online. It's soared straight to the top of the ever-bustling Minecraft subreddit community, where it's received nothing but praise from the game's community ever since.

In fact, if you want to download the Resource Pack and utilize the hyper-realistic grass for yourself, you can head over to PlanetMinecraft for more (but don't blame us if your computer suddenly starts emitting smoke). Just yesterday in fact, the developer posted an update on the PlanetMinecraft page for the Resource Pack, writing that it was "super-duper optimized."

Just last month, we reported on another impressive community-driven feat in Minecraft. One user had actually got Super Mario 64 running in Mojang's game, and now he has his sights set on getting the various power-ups to work in the Minecraft recreation of Nintendo's classic. Head over to our interview with the modder who got Mario 64 running in Minecraft for more.

If it's the future of Minecraft itself that you're looking to though, then there's good news. A report last week claimed that Minecraft developer Mojang has two new projects in the works, and although the report didn't specify what these two new projects were, it reassured avid players they there's "more Minecraft coming." That's nothing but good news for Minecraft's millions upon millions of players around the globe.

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