Minecraft Earth early access rolls out next month

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It's almost here: Minecraft Earth rolls out in early access next month.

The news came during the keynote address at MineCon – the annual celebration of all things Minecraft – earlier today, confirming that after a number of beta tests, the mobile augmented reality game is ready to launch, albeit in early access form.

"Our augmented reality mobile game is clearly the best thing involving a phone since Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone in 1876," Minecraft's Tom Stone wrote earlier today. "Think that’s too braggy? Soon you’ll be able to decide for yourself, because we’re rolling out the Early Access version of the game next month!  

"Starting in October, Minecraft Earth will be coming to countries across the globe, and we plan to have it all over the Earth by the end of the year. Keep the Minecraft Earth page bookmarked for more updates."

The developers will continue to draw on user feedback as the early access game opens up to more and more players across the world. There's even new content for those already privy to early access Minecraft Earth; according to Shacknews, we can expect "new mob variants, crafting, and smelting". There'll also be a new multiplayer experience, Adventures, powered by Microsoft's Azure Spatial Anchors technology, which lets players visit real-world locations for virtual secrets and treasure.

"Minecraft Earth is a dream we've had for a long time," executive producer Jesse Merriam told Edge earlier this month. "When we were kids, we could create portals into other worlds; pick up sticks, and use them for like, a hundred things. We're bringing that back with Minecraft Earth, and that's always been the dream. How do we get people into Minecraft? Well, what if immersion was the way it felt when you were seven?" 

Mojang also recently confirmed character creation is finally coming to Minecraft, bringing more than 100 basic features including hair, eyes, different mouths, skin textures, facial hair, and body sizes, to the game.

Don't forget, you can also now enjoy DuckTales themed DLC for Minecraft. The DuckTales adventure map  includes "the show's most iconic locations - from the city of Duckburg and the halls of McDuck Manor, to legendary locations like the Pyramid of Toth-Ra or the heights of Mount Neverrest." You'll also be able to "solve a mystery or rewrite history" as the three mischievous grandkids of Scrooge McDuck, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, or choose from 30 other characters. 

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