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Mind-boggling Sonic art lost to the ages

This one goes out to those who have fallen - Knuckles, Pico software and the Sega Saturn! Plus - Eggman made the band and Knuckles didn't?

What is it with Sonic and roses? And someone help Eggman!

Normal people on the beach. Could a kissing scene be far behind?

Hooray for Saturn and Son - oh wait, they never properly met each other, did they?

The first game's box art, sans text.

Sonic 2, also without text. You've seen these for sure, but just in case you wanted to use them for something, there ya go.

The first Game Gear cover.

Sonic 2 Game Gear - now with hang glider.

Sonic Spinball box art.

Sonic Drift 2, Game Gear

Tails Sky Patrol, Game Gear

I honestly don't know what game this is from. Maybe it's not?

Sonic Chaos cover, Master System

Sonic 3 cover

Sonic Chaos, Game Gear

That's it! If you've seen these before, well, now the rest of the world knows how we feel. After yesterday's hateit feels good to spread a little happiness.

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Apr 10, 2008