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Mind-boggling Sonic art lost to the ages

Most likely from Drift or Drift 2, completely ignoring the fact that his name is Sonic for a reason.

Hell if Sonic gets one Tails does too. It even has two exhausts. Just like him ZOMG.

I am insane. This is my flying car. Hop in!

Oh Christ come on now.

Bad, bad, bad for so many reasons. Is he checking himself out?

Kicking a little bird in the gut? Have you no shame?

More chillaxin' in the sun, now sans Tails the Man Servant.

Pray to every known deity that Sega isn't working all these animals into future Sonic games.

If we’re in the habit of posting sensational headlines (...) we'd say "MARIO GALAXY RIPS OFF ANCIENT SONIC CONCEPT ART!"