Miles Morales swings in to help the students of Strange Academy in a new trio of one-shots

Miles Morales swings into action.
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

School is back in session at Strange Academy. This August sees the launch of a new series of three inter-linked one-shots that will bring students at Dr Strange's school for magicians together with Miles Morales, Moon Knight, and Spider-Man.

The series is written by Carlos Hernandez, and drawn by artists Juann Cabal, Julian Shaw, and Vasco Georgiev. 

The story begins in Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1, which sees the students head to New York where they will take on the rival Brooklyn Visions Academy in the Multiversal Math Bowl. It's not long before a new villain, known as The Equation, throws everything into chaos, forcing them to team up with former Brooklyn Visions student Miles Morales.

You can see all three covers for the series in the gallery below.

The story continues in Strange Academy: Moon Knight #1 which will explore the consequences of The Equation's attack on New York. 

The trilogy concludes in Strange Academy: Amazing Spider-Man #1 in October, which will bring all three of the spotlighted heroes together with the students to try and stop The Equation's plans once and for all.

The school first appeared in 2020's Strange Academy #1 by Skottie Young and Humberto Ramos. The series ran for 18 issues, and was relaunched in 2022 as the six-issue Strange Academy: Finals limited series. 

Marvel describes Strange Academy as "a hit with young readers and long-time Marvel Comics fans," as well as "a beloved new addition to the Marvel Universe overflowing with fascinating new characters and mystical mythology."

Strange Academy: Miles Morales #1 is published by Marvel Comics on August 2.

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