Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27 reveals the truth about Miles's twisted Clone Saga

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27
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Miles Morales is Peter Parker's protege as Spider-Man. And though he's got more than his fair share of unique villains, stories, and even powers, Miles has also often followed directly in Peter's footsteps - as he's currently doing in his own version of 'The Clone Saga,' which continues in this preview of Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27 from writer Saladin Ahmed and artist Carmen Carnero.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The original '90s 'Clone Saga' introduced the idea that Peter Parker had been cloned and potentially even replaced by his doppelganger, perhaps for years. Like Peter's 'Clone Saga,' Miles's story revolves around a villain who is obsessed with cloning him, in this case the Assessor. 

And like in Peter's 'Clone Saga,' Miles has had to face down not just one duplicate, but multiple clones of himself - each of whom is twisted with their own further mutations and powers.

In these preview pages, Miles faces down his clones, learning more about their nature and their origins, with the final page hinting at an even more ominous encounter to take place in the full issue.

"The Clone Saga continues!" reads Marvel's official solicitation text for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27. "The secrets and origins of the clones are revealed and the truth is horrifying. This is the issue you won't forget any time soon, and neither will Miles."

Here's the gallery of interior pages by Carnero:

Since becoming the second Spider-Man of the Ultimate Marvel Universe (an alt-reality where the most famous Marvel characters had different continuities) in 2011 following the death of his world's Peter Parker, Miles has become a fan-favorite character and a household name in his own right.

In 2016, Miles was brought into the core Marvel Universe as a result of Secret Wars, a crossover that remade Marvel's Multiverse and incorporated certain popular outside elements into the mainstream Marvel continuity.

That change paved the way for Miles to take the spotlight alongside Peter both in his own ongoing comic book title, and in other media such as the blockbuster animated film Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse which is headed for a sequel, as well as a headlining Playstation video game titled Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, itself a sequel to the smash-hit Marvel's Spider-Man video game.

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #27 is due out June 16.

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