Midnight Club 3: Screenshot update

Has night time street-racing ever looked better than in Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition? This latest screen offering from Rockstar shows off the neon-lit city streets being pounded by all kinds of road-rippers and they've even thrown in a cool chopper motorbike for those who, erm, like a hog between their legs.

The major tweaks to MC3 have focused on expanding the vehicle customisation side of the game and it's grown into a humongous affair in which as good as everything can be given an overhaul - from performance enhancing mods to pure car-vanity paint jobs, MC3 provides the player with an enormous range of options.

Naturally, developers Rockstar San Diego have also given attention to upgrading the graphics and reworking the gameplay, so for in-depth info on the advances MC3 has made over its predecessor.

Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition will be released for PS2 and Xbox in January 2005