Microsoft shows how Xbox Scorpio games could look compared to Xbox One (hint: it's good)

Microsoft hasn't shown any real, intended-for-release games running on Xbox Scorpio (opens in new tab) yet, but these new screenshots from Windows Central (opens in new tab) give us our best idea so far. The screens are taken from Microsoft tech demos, starring a steampunk scientist (as played by Sarah Palin as played by Tina Fey) and a lil' ladybug on a flower.

Here are all the images so you can make your own comparisons simultaneously. The headings indicate what hardware and display settings they were captured with - pay special attention to little details like how sharp the strands of hair and documents in the background look.

Xbox Scorpio on a 4K display

Xbox One on a 1080p display

Xbox Scorpio on a 1080p display

Xbox Scorpio on a 4K display with Scorpio assets

Xbox Scorpio on a 4K display with Xbox One assets

Keep in mind that these images are just from tech demos, meaning they were purpose-built to make Xbox Scorpio look as impressive as possible. This isn't necessarily indicative of what real games running in real conditions will look like. Still, it's a nice start. And it would be pretty cool if this was a stealth tease for a new game - I'd totally play a hard-boiled scientist with a super-rad lightning lab. Or a ladybug, whatever.

Dig deeper with our look at whether Xbox Scorpio is really the most powerful console ever (opens in new tab), and how it compares to PS4 Pro (opens in new tab).

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