Michael Douglas disappointed by Edgar Wrights Ant-Man departure

Michael Douglas has been speaking about Edgar Wright’s sudden departure from Ant-Man , with the star expressing his regret that things turned out the way they did.

“Yeah, he’s a wonderful talent,” said Douglas. “It was very disappointing, yeah. It was a big disappointment, and more so for him because he had a lot of years invested.”

“He was really the one initially who got them to even consider it, you know, the screenplay that he wrote. [ But ] I’m not the producer on it and I’m an actor for hire.”

“Marvel certainly has a pretty amazing track record, rightly or wrongly, so I think it just was that kind of combination where although they like the idea of somebody with Edgar’s individual spirit, maybe it just collided with an operation. I think they’re all on relatively decent terms.”

Douglas did go on to confirm that he will be appearing at Comic-Con next month, with Marvel set to feature Ant-Man as part of its panel, before the film is released on 17 July 2015.

George Wales

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