Michael B. Jordan steps into the ring in this exclusive Creed 2 image

Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2

The first Creed movie was both a sequel and a reboot: it was a continuation of Rocky Balboa’s story, but it also it also relaunched the series with a new lead in Michael B. Jordan’s Adonis ‘Donnie’ Creed.

But where Creed riffed on the first Rocky film, Creed 2 is most closely connected to Rocky 4, the film where Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) killed Creed Sr. in the ring and barely shrugged it off: “If he dies, he dies.” So this time it’s going to get very personal, as Donnie’s career put him on a collision course with the son of the man who killed his father. Professional fighter Florian Munteanu plays Viktor Drago in the sequel.

You can see Black Panther star Jordan once again donning the family’s signature stars and stripes trunks in this exclusive image, courtesy of our sister publication Total Film magazine, as he steps into the ring for his latest bout, with Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) watching from the sidelines. Take a look at the exclusive image for yourself below…

Michael B. Jordan in Creed 2

(Image credit: Warner Bros/Total Film)

This time out, Creed director Ryan Coogler (Fruitvale Station, Black Panther) steps back to act as producer, with Steven Caple Jr. now filling the director’s chair. Caple Jr. If you want to push the boxing analogy, Caple Jr. considers Coogler something of a mentor/coach. “We actually went to film school together,” Caple Jr. tells Total Film. “So he vouched for me. He was three years ahead of me, his last year was my first year, and that’s where we became tight. Years after, we stayed in touch.” Feels rather fitting for a film about living up to a legacy.

And Caple Jr. has a personal connection to the franchise too, having grown up a huge fan of the franchise. “I remember being sad after Rocky 4 when Apollo died,” he says. “So directing Creed 2, with Drago back, is a cool circle."

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