MGS4's real-life beauty

Aug 23, 2007

We recently revealedanugget of Metal Gear Solid 4 info, detailing the boss characters in Snake's newest warzone adventure. Today, we have something even better - info uncovering one lovely lady used by MGS4 creator Hideo 'Koj' Kojima in motion-capturing the movements of the new characters.

See, each of Snake's four bizarre cyborg nemeses is a woman. And, so, Kojima did the only rational thing and employed a host of nubile lovelies to perform motion-capture duties for the new gals on the block. One of which we've dug out from the depths of the internet for your pleasure. May we present Yumi Kikuchi.

Miss Kikuchi was on hand at today's Leipzig Games Convention, which was nice. Sometimes, we were close enough to touch her. Though we didn't. That would have been "against the rules."

Unfortuantely we weren't given any info on which enemy Yumi's movements will animate, but we do know that all four of the female cyborgs are victims of war. None were soldiers, but all were mentally and physically scarred by battle.

Now, unhinged and violently mental, they form the Beauty in the Beast unit, their unique skills showcased in a super new MGS4 trailer. You can see a Youtube, off-screen version of the trailer below, or head to to see the footage there. We'll have a direct feed version soon.

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