MGS 5 soldier shows off new 'run in circles and curse' defense tactic

MGS 5 has been out for months, but we're still discovering inventive new ways to mess with its AI soldiers. Apparently you don't need a labyrinth of inflatable Big Boss dummies to drive enemy troops bonkers - all you need is a single smoke grenade:

My favorite part is how all the other soldiers turn to look at their panicked comrade, clearly wondering what the hell is wrong with him.

At first I thought Snake had dropped the grenade in the walker itself, causing its pilot to freak out - his cloned son does manage to toss a bunch of frag grenades into a tiny tank hatch two decades later, so they clearly have a talent for this sort of thing. But then you can see the grenade lying on the ground when Snake sneaks up to Fulton the extraction target, so I guess it's just standard operating procedure to start cursing and running around in circles in response to smoke inhalation.

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Connor Sheridan

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