Metroid Prime Remastered's physical release is being sold for twice its retail price by scalpers

Metroid Prime Remastered Switch screenshot
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Physical copies of the recently-released Metroid Prime Remastered have popped up on auction sites for over twice their original price.

As you may remember, physical copies of Metroid Prime Remastered sold out almost instantly when they went on sale earlier this week, and now – to many fans' frustration – they're already being resold online with astonishing mark-ups on auction sites (thanks, Kotaku).

Whilst Super Mario 3D All-Stars was a limited edition when it came to the physical version, there's been no statement from Nintendo confirming that Metroid Prime Remastered is also limited. That hasn't stopped some people from demanding $100 for a single copy, though.

We've contacted Nintendo to confirm when – and if – more physical copies of Metroid Prime Remastered will be available. We'll update you just as soon as we know more. 

We gave the game an impressive 4.5 stars out of 5 in the GamesRadar+ Metroid Prime Remastered review, saying it "breathes new life into one of the greatest games of all time". 

"There are rough edges, but Metroid Prime Remastered is worth the occasional splinter. Metroid Prime is to first-person shooters what Super Metroid was to side-scrolling platformers – it's singular, and special; inspiring generations of players to dream of more immersive worlds, and pushing countless video game designers to try and deliver them," we said in our review.

"That Metroid Prime is able to carry as much resonance today as it did 20 years ago doesn't just speak to the quality of remaster that Retro Studios (and a legion of partnering development teams) have delivered, but the strength of the underlying foundational design. Metroid Prime Remastered is not only a dazzling reminder of why the original is one of the very best GameCube games, but a pointed argument that it should stand as one of the all-time greats."

A former developer recently criticized Metroid Prime Remastered's credits for omitting direct mention of the original development team.

Metroid Prime Remastered is finally a reality, but there's no such good news for Metroid Prime 4, which quietly rumbles on in development at Retro Studios over four years after it was rebooted.

Vikki Blake
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