Metal Slug Wii shot blast

Metal Slug Anthology, the Wii-mote waving anniversary celebration of the Metal Slug games, squeezes 10 years of arcade 2D-shooter action into one bumper package and we've got a job lot of screens right here to fire you up for some retro slugging.

It was a decade ago that Metal Slug first appeared on the Neo Geo MVS arcade system, since then it has cateredto gamers' 2D-shooter needs on all manner of platforms. To celebrate this developer and publisher SNK has compiled the original Metal Slug, 2, X, 3, 4, 5 and 6 for this anniversary edition to be released for PSP and Wii.

The Wii version will support the Nunchuk controller and will allow for two-player cooperative play. The game will also be playable in widescreen or original screen format. Metal Slug Anthology ships this week.

November 27, 2006