Metal Slug crawls to Wii

Wednesday 3 May 2006
Metal Slug has become the latest big name to join the torrent of titles to rush to Wii. Called Metal Slug Anthology, the SNK created package will include nearly every edition of the side-scrolling retro shooter from the original through to 2, X, 4 and 5. And unlike thePSP version of the same name it will also incorporate the very latest arcade version of the game.

And far from simply being a straight port of the games, SNK Playmore president Ben Herman has promised that, "the Wii controller will be used in a new and unique way that enhances the gameplay".

Along with branching into Wii gaming, the company has also confirmed plans to bring SNK vs Capcom Card Fighters to DS.

So far neither game has any shots to show nor a release date to pencil in, but all that should change once E3 cometh.