Metal Slug barrage

We don't want to complain about our fancy new hardware not being pushed to its limits, but the side-scrolling shooting of Metal Slug Anthology wouldn't even overwork the DS. So, it's a little strange to bring you about a billion new screens for the high-powered PSP and, of all of systems, Wii, that look like they could be from a Game Boy Advance game. The screens also weren't differentiated, as to which were PSP and which were Wii, but let's just assume both platforms can handle the Metal Slug series.

Anthology's going to bombard you with not two, not five, but seven classic games on one disc. You're getting parts one through six, and then Metal Slug X, a tweaked version of the second entry. Expect a lot - a lot- of mashing down on the fire button. Oh, and there will be some jumping involved too. But mostly shooting.

Oh, and we are certifiably crazy for the trigger-happy series. It's just hard to wrap our heads around Slug on Wii - what kind of crazy motions will we have to make? Or perhaps it'll be like the PSP version and just use good o' buttons and analog sticks. We'll see in November.

September 26, 2006

Brett Elston

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