MGS: Rising is now Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, developed by Platinum Games

The Spike TV VGA awards may be a few hours away, but an early leak through NeoGaf has gotten the good times rolling early with a trailer for the next Metal Gear game.

The first bit of news comes with a name change, and, well, it isn't really a good one. Rumors had been going around that "Solid" was going to be dropped from the name in order to better remove it from Snake's Metal Gear Solid adventures, and while that was true, it also comes with a bit of extra baggage. Rising has been kept in the name, but moved before the colon, and replaced with... Revengeance (Quick! Someone write that down for a Top 7... Dumbest names in gaming... article for 2012)! Yes. Revengeance. As in revenge and vengeance, together. Revengeance.

Better news comes from the switch in developer. While Kojima's team still has their hands in it, the actual role of developer has been passed over to Bayonetta and Mad World developer Platinum games. This is a perfect match, and, as the trailer shows, should lead to an even bloodier good time than we ever expected. The gameplay looks fast, brutal, and very, very Platinum. We're totally psyched.

You can check out the trailer below, and be sure to swing back around at 8PM ET for the kick-off of our coverage of the VGAs. We'll be bringing you all the news as soon as it hits, so you don't need to sit through commercials and C-list celebrities making 10-year-old jokes about gamers sitting in their parents' basements.

Hollander Cooper

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