Metal Gear Solid 4 bosses revealed

Aug 22, 2007

As if Hideo Kojima's15 minute demonstration of MGS4's everyday combat wasn't enough to make our spines quiver, GamesRadar has managed to get hold of some highly sought after info - four of the overwhelming badasses that Snake is going to run into. Without further ado:

Screaming Mantis - female, has the same body shape (lady lumps excepted) as Psycho Mantis and is depicted floating off the ground in a similar manner. She has additional arms holding knives sprouting from her shoulders.

Crying Wolf - male (probably), and being in the form of a oversized four-legged beast is the largest of these four and the only one which isn't humanoid. Oh and it (he?)appears to have a rather heftyrifle mounted to his back.

Raging Raven - male, and noticeably muscular shouldn't be able to fly but also has wings so presumably does. He appears to be the proud owner of a minigun.

Laughing Octopus - female, and very standard looking. If you discount the four thick tentacles sprouting from her head. We know she use these to move rather than deign to walk, and is therefore probably a bit of a diva. They also have some rather nasty looking claws on, so we suspect they're not just made for walking.