Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance directed by Kenji Saito, will be playable at E3

This week's Famitsu brings some exciting news for those looking forward to the unfortunately-named Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. According to Kojima, who reaffirmed that he has absolutely nothing to do with the game, Platinum's Revengeance will be playable at this year's E3, giving the press their first hands-on time with the game since it was officially re-announced in December.

Above: The re-release trailer from the 2011 VGAs

Bigger news, however, comes with the game's director, which had not been revealed until now. Though speculation had been about placing different Platinum team members in the role, it was confirmed that Platinum Games' Kenji Saito, who served as the main programmer on Bayonetta, will be sitting in the director's chair. Saito has been working with other developers at Platinum games for some time, with relations dating back to work on Viewtiful Joe, making him a good choice to head up Platinum's Metal Gear game.

In the Famitsu interview, Kojima also explained that the main issues with the development came with the studio's lack of experience with blending action and stealth together. Progress continued in terms of story and art, but they had hit a road block when it came to design, and it wasn't until Platinum stepped in that it actually started coming together into what we have now: a game that looks like Vanquish mixed with Bayonetta starring the cyborg-ninja from Metal Gear Solid.

Hollander Cooper

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