Megamind proves Unstoppable at cineplexes


Unstoppable , Denzel Washington’s new action film, may have the name - but it’s a title more fitted to the philosophy of Will Ferrell’s animated Megamind , which proved to be just that at the US box office this weekend.

Having opened in first place last week, the CGI movie remained top of the pile this week with a further haul of $30m. Meanwhile, Washington’s aforementioned runaway train film had to settle for second, with a not unimpressive $23m.

Robert Downey Jr’s dramedy Due Date also proved a winner, dropping just one place to third ($15m). Meanwhile, new openers Skyline and Morning Glory both made it into the top five, the former in fourth ($11.7m), the latter fifth ($9.6m).

The back end of the top ten saw For Coloured Girls slipping three places to sixth ($6.8m), fuddy-duddy action flick Red doing the same to seven ($5m), and Paranormal Activity 2 in eighth, scaring up just $3m after four weeks of release.

Saw 3D sliced its way from fifth to ninth ($2.7m), and Jackass 3D bumped Disney's Secretariat right out of the top ten with $2.3m).

Next week, we expect H arry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 will obliviate much of the competition. Watch out, movies, there’s a storm on the horizon…

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