Being Humans New Vampire

Damien Molony adds a touch of class to series four as new vampire Hal

There’s a Mitchell-shaped hole at the centre of Being Human , and the man with the unenviable task of filling it in series four is Damien Molony. Fresh out of drama school, he admits the task of playing the series’ new vampire Hal is daunting. But as SFX chats to Molony for an interview in issue 215, one thing is patently clear – Molony is Irish. He assures us, though, that Being Human isn’t just replacing one Irish vampire with another.

“I’m actually playing an English vampire!” he reveals. “Very, very posh. Very upper class. A stiff upper-lipped Brit, which is a bit of a push for me accent, but it makes it a lot more fun. I promise you, no! No, no, no – Hal’s not Mitchell 2. There’s a lot of back story to play with and I assure you he’s very, very different.”

A posh new vampire needs to strike the right sartorial note. “At the start, I’m a tweed suits man,” says Molony of Hal. “Very, very well dressed. Pressed shirts and cufflinks. The best part about playing a vampire is you get all the best clothes. I know some people have raided Aidan’s wardrobe from last year, and helped themselves to some coats and some jackets.”

Learn more about Hal and Damien Molony in the new issue of SFX , on sale Wednesday 19 October, or order your iPhone or iPad version here .

Dave Golder
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