Meet the Gardener - Batman's latest new mystery character

Batman #107
(Image credit: DC)

It looks like Batman writer James Tynion IV is introducing another new character to Gotham City. 

Tynion, who has already added characters like Punchline and Clownhunter to the ranks of Batman's supporting cast, rogue's gallery, and all spaces in between, and will soon be introducing the villain Miracle Molly in full in May's Batman #108, will use April's Batman #107 to introduce readers to another new character.

(Image credit: DC)

All Newsarama can tell you is she's called The Gardener, and if her name, the rose, and the fully bio-degradable plant-dogs are making you think Poison …. we're sorry, Queen Ivy ... then yes, we're all on the same page. 

Tynion recently told Newsarama that various Batman titles are planting seeds (get it!?) for a "key Poison Ivy thread that's going to be playing out in Gotham across many titles in 2021."

"Tensions are sky-high in Gotham City following the events at Arkham Asylum, and public opinion and unrest are starting to boil over," reads DC's original solicitation for the issue. "The Dark Knight has his hands full juggling the investigation of the reappearance of an old enemy and the rise of a new gang in Gotham called the Unsanity Collective...Gotham City is getting more dangerous by the minute!"

That old enemy turned out to be a new look Scarecrow, which Batman series Jorge Jiménez artist recently talked to us about in detail.

Check out four first-look pages from the main story by Tynion and Jiménez that feature the Gardener and an appearance by the newly-in-Batman's-inner-circle Harley Quinn. 

DC's first look also includes the first three pages from the first part of Tynion and artist Ricardo Lopez Ortiz's 'Legend of the Ghost-Maker' back-up story starring Batman's new frenemy/rival/anti-hero and if you're getting James Bond-ish vibes, then we're two-for-two with y'all.

Batman #107 goes sale Tuesday, April 6 digitally and at fine local retailers who could probably all use your business. 

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