Meet the Dryad

Diablo III may look awesome, but it’ll be quite some time before the franchise that redefined the dungeon crawling genre hits store shelves. In the meantime, Sacred 2 continues to look like a sweet sequel for lovers of leveling up and loot. We recently scored an exclusive sneak peek at the Dryad, one of the new classes lined up for Sacred 2. Scroll on for some fresh screenshots and a first look at her deadly skills.

Above: The Dryad likes ranged damage, nature magic, voodoo, and long walks on the beach with her mount. You can check out her skills below

Capricious Hunter

Ravaged Impact
Devastating attack with the equipped ranged or close combat weapon.

Darting Assault
A rapid ranged or close combat attack hitting multiple targets within range.

Forest Flight
The Dryad will sprint towards her target her target extremely fast. This combat art has a small chance to root opponents at the position where she run from.

Dust Devil
The Dryad whirls around crating a cloud of dust that will enable her to evade attacks more easily. Will also protect allies.

Sinister Predator (Buff)
While active Sinister Predator increases the attack speed of and chance to hit will all ranged weapons. It also adds chance that opponents will drop shrunken heads.

Cabalistic Voodoo

Twisted Torment
Damages the target and slows it down for a brief period Increases the chance for victims to drop shrunken heads when they die of Twisted Torment.

Viperish Disease
Infects the victim with harmful poison. The more the target has been injured the more damage Viperish will inflict. If the Dryad carries a shrunken head it will increase the chance that opponents of the same hype will also catch the disease.

Black Curse
Lowers all attributes of the target for a brief period. Enhanced effect against opponents who correspond to an equipped shrunk head.

Malicious Totem
Summons a totem that will fire small poisonous arrows. Shrunken head may increase damage.

Moribund Animus (Buff)
An equipped shrunken head determines the type of opponent that will be summoned as hireling. Activating the buff without an equipped shrunken head will conjure a ghost. Deactivating it will release the active hireling. This buff increased the chance that opponents will drop shrunken heads.

Nature Weaver

Edaphic Lances
Spears break out of the ground and damage everyone who touches them.

Tangled Vine
A root sprouts from the ground holding opponents in one place with damaging from them.

Goldenglade Touch
Heals the Dryad over a brief period.

Acute Mind
Briefly increases the regeneration rate of all combat arts and adds a bonus to intelligence.

Ancient Bark (Buff)
While active. Ancient Bark substantially increases the amore value and reduces resistance to fire. This buff also adds a permanent light healing effect.

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Aug 5, 2008