Sacred 2: Fallen Angel spreads its wings

While it won't melt your eyeballs with graphics too awesome for human beings to handle, Sacred 2: Fallen Angel looks like it might make left-clicking for loot fun again. In terms of visuals, the action RPG has come a long way since its predecessor released. Small details, like blades of grass swaying gently with the breeze or how your character actually gets wet when it rains, give the game's tried and true dungeon crawling gameplay mechanics the fresh coat of paint it deserves. But these serene high fantasy scenes would be nothing without the satisfying sound of monsters screaming in pain as you carve your way through hordes of baddies in the name of treasure and XP.

Above: Remember when killing lots of monsters for treasure repeatedly wasn't called "grinding" and was actually really fun?

Speaking of things to kill and loot, Sacred 2 will have plenty spread out across its giant world, which looks more like an MMO in terms of size. But there are also a few unusual character classes that offer a nice change of pace from the typical run-of-the-mill selection of fighters and casters.

Without a doubt, the Seraphim wins the award for the most cleavage we've ever seen on an angel. As a master of hand-to-hand and armed combat, we're guessing she needs armor that won't constrict her movement. This would go a long way in explaining why her plate mail must reveal her bare midriff and inner thighs so prominently.

The Temple Guardian also sounds intriguing because it's not everyday you see a cyborg with a mechanically enhanced arm in a fantasy setting. Developer, Ascaron is still keeping a tight lid on how this class will play other than to say that he's good at close combat, has technological weapons, and can influence and manipulate his environment.