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Meet the staff in new Wet Hot American Summer video

New Netflix comedy Wet Hot American Summer has released a new teaser video introducing some of the staff at Camp Firewood, including Amy Poehler, Elizabeth Banks and Jason Schwartzman.

The new film takes the form of a grainy orientation video, complete with skipping, ghosting and thoroughly muddy sound. Ah, the good old days… Still, even the shoddiest recording quality can't dampen the sheer enthusiasm of the Camp Firewood team!

Check it out, below…

It's kind of incredible that practically the entire cast has been reassembled for this new series some 15 years after the original cult film hit cinemas, particularly given the fact that some of them are now seriously big names. We're also loving the fact that they're playing "younger" versions of their original characters. Roll on the first day of camp, when the entire series lands on Netflix on 31 July 2015.

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