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MechAssault 2 ready for action this Chrimbo

Microsoft have announced that Day 1 Studios (creators of the original) are currently developing MechAssault 2 and expect it to be ready for Christmas. For those who like their destruction to be at the hands of preposterously large mechanoids, notable details are below and, of course, those shiny new screens await your perusal.

The major direction change that Day 1 have taken revolves around the playable character. In this latest instalment you're no longer restricted to playing as only one Mech. Now you are the human controller, rather than the Mech (although there's no viewpoint difference) and as such can control various vehicles. This should open up the gameplay a tad and add some variety to the fun as Tanks, Vertical TakeOff, Landing crafts (VTOLs) and BattleArmor will be at your disposal besides the more standard Mechs.

The mission-based single-player is said to be 'significantly' deeper, with the story taking on more importance than previously (a natural development considering the shift of character perspective), meaningful interaction with NPCs (non-playable characters) and spontaneous mission objectives.

Microsoft see BattleArmor as a major reason to get excited about the game, touting it as one of the deadliest weapons in the universe. It would appear more versatile than your standard Mech and can even do a reasonable impression of King Kong with its building climbing skills.

The original game was a major early title for Microsoft's Xbox Live and MechAssault 2 has additional features that appears to revolve around a strong clan element in its online play.

Expect more info and screenshots in the very near future.

AssaultMech 2 is scheduled to appear on Xbox near Christmas.