May belongs to Nintendo

The redesigned, thinner DS Lite went on sale here in the US on Sunday and managed to erupt 136,000 units out of retail stores in just two days. A similar situation exists in Japan, where the Lite pushed 135,000 from May 29 to June 4, while Sony's PSP scraped by with just 24,000.

Hot on the heels of the white-hot DS Lite sales are numbers for New Super Mario Bros. and Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day. The two titles ranked number one and three, respectively, as the top-selling games for May, according to the NPD group, who tracks game sales in North America. Mario sold at a rate of one every four seconds since May 15, putting it at roughly 324,000 copies. Brain Age sales, according to retailers, tripled after the DS Lite launched.

Now, of course, we're hitting something of a dead spot for DS software. Aside from Sudoku Gridmaster, there's nothing from Nintendo until August. Perfect time for all you new Lite owners to discover the AAA games you've been missing.

June 15, 2006