Max Payne 3 trailer brings bullet time to Sao Paulo

With about eight years between us and the last Max Payne, the wait for a new game was beginning to feel like the endless screams of a tortured child as it sees the corpse of its mother laying dead on the rain-slicked concrete of a city overcome by indifference. But today, Rockstar’s stepped out of the shadows with all the swagger of a would-be savior of the downtrodden, smugly delivering us the first-ever Max Payne 3 trailer as though it were a stack of bills soaked in the blood of a dog breathing its last gasp in a forgotten alleyway of dashed hopes granite bullets moonlight tear-streaked Raymond Chandler.

In all seriousness, the trailer looks pretty slick. Delivered with typical Rockstar polish, it gives us our first in-motion glimpse of the latest paunchy, aging incarnation of our favorite self-torturing New York cop, as well as the game’s version of Sao Paolo, Brazil. If the trailer’s anything to go by, it looks like the graphic-novel presentation of the last two games won’t return for the sequel, instead replaced by more conventional cutscenes – although it sounds like veteran MP actor James McCaffrey is returning to reprise his role as Max, so that’s a plus for fans. In any case, this gives us something to look forward to as we wait for the game’s March 2012 release to edge slowly closer.

Sep 14,2011

Mikel Reparaz
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