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Max Payne 3 Easter Eggs - Original Max Payne 1 skin and Captain Baseball Bat Boy

Did you see our Max Payne 3 review?! Obviously, there’s a lot to love about the game, but we went and dug up a couple Easter Eggs you might miss through the course of normal play. Learn wear to find Max Payne 3’s secret cartoon and how to derez Max back into 2001. Nothing too spoilery, honest...

Okay, we’ve had a lot of fun at the expense of the lemon-faced original Max Payne 1 character model, but now it seems Rockstar is in on the joke, too! After you’ve finished the game, you can choose between you’ll find selectable Old School Max and Classic Max skins (Max Payne 1 and Max Payne 2 versions) in Arcade mode. Both are hysterically crude and unbelievably fun to watch during the more serious cutscenes in all their duck-lipped glory. Seriously, Arcade mode is super fun to replay, so why not do it with a retro Max makeover?

LEFT: Old School Max skin (Max Payne 1) RIGHT: Classic Max skin (Max Payne 2)

If that weren’t enough fan service for ya, Rockstar also proudly carries on with the tradition started a decade ago by original Payne devs, Remedy. During the “Anybody Can Buy Me a Drink” stage (Chapter VI Part II) you’ll find a TV set Max has the option of switching on. DO SO! Because you’ll find an entire animated episode starring an old friend: Captain Baseball Bat Boy.

Above: Not the Hamburglar

Let us know if you've found any cool Easter Eggs in Max Payne 3 in the comments below. We'll leave you now with this stirring tribute to the puckered polygon faces of Max Payne 1