Matrix Online screen avalanche

Despite the trilogy's reputation being more tarnished than a bent spoon that's spent the last hundred years at the bottom of the Atlantic, The Matrix Online still looks as fresh and as thrilling as the Wachowskis' first foray into sci-fi CGI ever did.

With the chance to play as a hacker, wire-strung warrior or even computer sympathiser, this MMORPG promises to mix missions and character customisation with the freedom to explore an epic tale of humanity versus machine.

Welding cutscene-driven chats with the stars of the movies to an open-ended adventure set after the third film, the game's world will evolve as the three factions inside the Matrix threaten the uneasy truce between Zion and the machines.

With Monolith, famed for FEAR and No One Lives Forever, working on the project and Sega set to publish it after Ubisoft's departure, The Matrix Online already looks exciting enough to banish any painful memories of the digital embarrassment that was Enter the Matrix.

The Matrix Online will be released in the spring for PC