Massive game flaws that we just accept

Regardless of whether you've noticed, or whether we're being completely pedantic about this whole issue, a lot of A-grade games have duff flaws in them. And what do we do? Accept it. We play all the way through the game ignoring some of the stuff that in any other title we'd have dashed back to the shop and demanded a refund.

So here's a look at the some of the biggest games we could find that contain incredible flaws that we we're happy to overlook...

Grand Theft Auto series

Flaws: Broken mission checkpoints, pop-up

Let's kick off with a controversial one, eh? Only the most blinkered GTA fan would suggest that it's perfect in every way. For us, especially with the earlier games, the mission restart points were a damn mess - often putting you miles away from a target that's a mega schlep to get to in the first place.

Above: Steady on that hog otherwise you'll be restarting this, man

Examples? How about the The Driver mission in Vice City? Here's a race against the AI where every second counts. Roll your car near the finish line and it's back to the start for you, sonny. OrINeed Your Clothes, Your Boots and Your Motorcyclein GTAIV that sees you chase a guy through the subway on a motorbike. Screw your bike into a wall and he's gone, leaving you to not only have to restart the mission again but to drive your way back over there too.

Aside from the checkpoint faux-pas there's also the fact that at times when you're travelling at break-neck speed, the world - road, vehicles and buildings - disappear in front of your eyes.

Flaw: Player's inexplicably pulling up

Ah, a chipped long ball over your defence. You track the flight of the ball with your defender expertly while the chasing attacker is labouring behind. A simple back pass to the keeper and it's danger averted, except it isn't. More often than not your player will pull up as if their hamstringjust twanged up their ass - leaving the forward to nip in a slot one home. Argh!

Above: Thescenario is down to bad scripting ratherthan Heskey's pace

This fault is as common place in football games as scoring an absolute screamer from outside the area. We understand that these things can happen in real-life but when you see it unfolding like a shit-stained blanket your fury is all ready to blame the game's scripting. And we won't be accepting human error anytime soon. Let's give this transparent momentum shift the red card, eh, developers?

Nathan Irvine
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