Massive Destiny 2 loot changes include Trials Adept Weapons, pinnacle cosmetics, and playlist exclusives

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Destiny 2 Year 4 will add new rewards to almost every activity in the game, including Trials of Osiris, raids, core playlists like Strikes, and seasonal activities.

Director Luke Smith outlined some improvements and additions coming in Year 4 in the studio's latest blog post. "In today’s Destiny 2, the balance of the game’s rewards is not where we want it to be," Smith says. "To be blunt, there isn’t enough pursuit out in the world. We’re going to fix it."

With this in mind, Bungie is adding new and exclusive rewards to several activities. Here's a full breakdown:

Seasonal loot: "Each Season will deliver an aspirational suit of armor" which comes from activities, Smith says, not the Season Pass or Eververse. To jump-start this, Bungie removed a set of armor from Eververse for Season 11 and put it into the activity loot pool "because this is the right thing to do for the game." 

Raids and dungeons: "Going forward, aspirational [Pinnacle] activities will reward players with Power, items, and vanity," Smith says. Future Pinnacle activities will all have at least one cosmetic component, and Destiny 2's next raid - which is expected to arrive this fall - will have new armor, weapons, and Exotic accessories. 

Trials of Osiris: Bungie is working on Adept Weapons which will only be awarded for a flawless Trials card. Trials will also receive all-new armor, not armor pulled from Destiny 1 Trials, as well as new weapons and accessories every year, starting with Season 13 in Year 4. 

Core playlists: Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible will receive a new set of armor every year. The first of these sets will arrive in the next expansion. Curiously, Bungie's hypothetical mentions new armor for "Year 4, Year 5, Year 6, etc.", and even as a hypothetical, this is the studio's farthest-reaching prediction for Destiny 2's life cycle. Anyway, on top of yearly armor, core playlists will also receive a new Pursuit weapon (i.e. Ritual-type weapon) every season, with different Legendary skins available through each core playlist. 

Destiny 2 was recently confirmed for next-gen consoles.

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