Mass Effect gets downloadable content

People looking forward to shouting commands and courting aliens have a little more to get excited about, because Mass Effect's gettingeven morecontent, via download, some time in the future. BioWare's CEO, Ray Muzyka, sees no reason whyconsole experiences have to end, promising episodic content to come further down the line to both PC and Xbox 360.

But Mass Effect isn't the only game invited to the update party. It's been said that Dragon Age, Jade Empire: Special Edition and eventhe MMORPG BioWare Austin currently has in development have episodic content coming there way.

No word yetpertaining to how many and how much, but we'll let you know when we do.Until then, pull up a keyboard and feel freeto debatepaid downloads vs. annual sequels in ourforum.

January 22, 2007