Mass Effect 3 walkthrough

Chapter Six: Perseus Veil

After learning the Quarians request your assistance, set course for the Far Rim. Once there, dock with the Quarian Envoy Ship. The Quarians will board the Normandy, and explain that the Geth are now under the control of the Reapers, and they are laying siege to the Migrant Fleet. Shepard believes he can get aboard the Geth drednought and disable the Reaper signal.

Objective: Disable the dreadnought

After deciding on a plan of action, set course for Perseus Vail, and then dock with the Geth dreadnought. Tali will join your crew for this upcoming mission, and she is required to be taken along. Make sure to power her up for the trip, and bring someone along who has abilities that can make short work of the Geth soldiers. Once the Normandy approaches, you find that the airlock is damaged, and only Shepard can enter the ship. Make your way through the destroyed airlock, and then enter the dreadnought.

After you get inside, drop down and head to the left. You’ll find a Shotgun Smart Choke III. Go back around to the right, and climb up the ladder. Head towards the right on the platform. It will collapse in front of you. Jump across the gap, and then proceed through the door into the next room. You’ll find another airlock for your squad to board the ship. Down the entryway, there’s a computer terminal with some Geth Data to salvage. Head back up to the main walkway. On the right you’ll find a ladder. Climb up, and use the Docking Controls to allow the rest of your squad onboard.

Objective: Find the Operations Center

Tali opens the door behind you to the next area, and leaves a Arc Pistol on the terminal for you to grab. Tali says she can disable the Reaper signal once you find the Operations Center. Head into the next room, and examine the GARDIAN Battery at the terminal directly in front of you. There’s a Sniper Rifle Enhanced Scope III to the right on the same terminal. Pick it up, and then proceed around the winding catwalk towards the Operation Center marker.

You’ll come up to a Bridge Contol console. As soon as you activate it, some Geth Troopers show up. Take them all down, and then head across the bridge. Follow the path around to the right until you find the ladder. Drop down the level below. More Geth Troopers await. After eliminating them, make your way down the path carefully as the Geth will have dropped some Trip Mines that do some heavy damage. Continue following the winding catwalk until you reach a computer terminal on your left with more Geth Data on it. Salvage that, then turn around and head through the door into the next area.

Immediately to your right you’ll find computer terminal with an Archon Visor on it. Grab that, and then continue down the hall to the next door. Just before the doorway, you’ll find a Geth Pulse Rifle and some ammo on the right. The next room is the Operations Center. Once you enter, a wave of Geth Hunters and Troopers will engage you. Take them out, and then head to the computer console on the other side of the room, being mindful of more Trip Mines. Salvage the Geth Data on the left of the terminal, and then use the Operations Control Console to deactivate the Reaper broadcast.

You find out that the Reaper signal can’t be stopped here, and you’ll have to progress farther into the ship to stop it from reaching the Geth. Grab the SMG Scope to the right of the terminal while Tali figures out where to go next. Tali manages to open a pathway, but that also allows more Geth Hunters into the room. Eliminate them, and then head through the doorway on the left they just entered. Bypass the next door, and then follow the platform around the left until you reach a ladder. Do the same on the next platform after dropping down. There will be some Geth Data to salvage on a terminal to your left. Drop down the next ladder, and grab the Med Kit before proceeding through the doorway to the Main Gun Battery.

Objective: Reach the Core

Walk down the ramp on the left, and immediately get into cover. The shockwaves from the gun fill the hall and will completely deplete your shields if you get caught. A squad of Geth Hunters and Geth Rocket Troopers will try to stop you. Take them out as you proceed down the pathway where the shockwave is originating. Far down the hall on the left you’ll find the Maintenance Override. Activate to stop the shockwave momentarily. As you run down the narrow tunnel towards the Core, you’ll have to hop over a few gaps as the gun comes back online.

Once you’re in the next area, proceed down the path while again avoiding the shockwaves. More Geth Rocket Troopers and Hunters will show up. Eliminate them as you make your way down the corridor. Bypass the door at the top of the ramp, and then get on the elevator platform. The Geth shoot out the platform, so you’ve got to leap to Tali who will pull you up to the next level. Once there, proceed around the path to the ladder. Head up, and grab the Med Kit on your right next to the computer terminal. Enter the next door, and you’ll find yourself in the Core.

Once entering the Core, you discover that the Geth is holding Legion captive. You will have to free him. Take the platform on the right up to the next level, and then use the Data Core Override to set Legion free. This will stop the Reaper broadcast, but will also alert the Geth to your location. In addition to Hunters, you’ll also have to face off against Geth Prime. After all of the Geth are taken care of, a cutscene showing your escape from the dreadnought plays out.

When you return to the Normandy, you learn that the Quarians need more help on their homeworld Rannoch.