Mass Effect 3 romance guide


Race: Quarian

Role: Admiral or outcast, depending on previous choices

Preference: Males only

Personality: Intelligent, humble

Some might be turned off by the fact that we’ve never seen Tali’s face and/or that she has one less finger than a Simpsons character. Still, she’s one of the most brilliant technical minds in the galaxy and wields a shotgun better than most krogans, so that makes her sexy in our book. She’s changed a bit since the first two Mass Effect games, and is now less shy and awkward - something you’ll find out should you pursue a romantic relationship.

Previously, on Mass Effect

Only imported male Shepards who romanced Tali in ME2 can continue the relationship in ME3. That’s assuming you get her to successfully join your crew after the Priority: Rannoch mission, which takes place in the second half of the game. However, a continued romance with Tali can be one of the most satisfying in the entire game, with numerous meaningful conversations, both traditional and ambient.

Romance Walkthrough

During Tali’s introduction, make it clear you want to continue the relationship. She’ll propose some ‘private time’ up in the captain’s cabin, away from the other admirals. You can invite her up immediately, and confirm you want to continue the relationship. Make sure to do this, or else risk losing your chance at love.

After the Priority: Rannoch mission, visit Tali down in Engineering. She’ll be standing near the drive core.

It is at this point Tali will say she’s left a gift for you in your cabin. The gift is actually a photo of her without her mask, which you can look at any time.