Mass Effect 3 romance guide

Samantha Traynor

Race: Human

Role: Communication Officer

Preference: Females only

Personality: Clever, playful

Traynor is the new communication officer aboard the Normandy. While she initially appears to be just another glorified secretary, she’s quick to show off her intellectual talent by giving tips to EDI or making mission-critical decisions. She’s also unique in that she’s the only one on the Normandy willing to crawl under the covers long before the game’s final missions.

Romance walkthrough

Traynor wastes no time indicating her preference for females by calling EDI’s voice “attractive.” If you’re interested, you only need engage her in conversation a couple of times during the games first handful of missions. She’ll eventually mention during an ambient conversation that she enjoys chess. Soon after that she’ll send a private message offering to visit Shepard in his/her cabin. While this begins, and can remain, completely platonic, pursuing the right dialog choices gives you the following, which you need to see:

The real reason you’re here

Even with foreknowledge of Traynor’s preferences, we pursued her as a male Shepard anyway. Here’s the result:

Above: Reapers aren’t the only ones who can shoot Shepard down