Marvel's Spider-Man 2 patch fixes a bug that turned the superheroes into a little cube, but fans want it back

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 developer Insomniac has patched out the now fan-favorite glitch that turned Peter Parker and Miles Morales into a little cube.

Shortly after Marvel's Spider-Man 2's release last week, several players reported running into a glitch that swapped out the web heads for a cute little cube - which you can see in action here. Spider-Cube not only appeared in the game's suit menu but, if you selected it, you could actually swing around New York City as the mysterious little entity. 

I'd love to find out the little guy's origin story, was it once a piece of tofu that was also bitten by a radioactive spider? The best part of all of this is that fans got attached to Spider-Cube pretty quickly, resulting in several fan-art interpretations of the glitch - some of which you can see below.

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Unfortunately, Spider-Cube was never supposed to exist in this timeline so Insomniac has now removed the glitch in the game's Version 1.001.003 patch. The hero did get a somewhat proper send off though, as the developer's Twitter account did share a couple of emojis including a gravestone and a small white cube. RIP to a real one.

"End of an era," one Twitter user replied to Insomniac's tweet. "MAKE IT A SUIT!," another asked. "The cube will be missed," a different user replied.

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Although Spider-Cube is no more, another fun glitch allows Venom to go on a tour of New York City. After making a few strategic jumps, one player discovered that they could take the Symbiote out of the confines of his mission. Be warned, though, there's a possibility it could break the game or corrupt your save file. With great power comes great responsibility after all. 

Speaking of glitching the game, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 player discovers Rhino's sinister fate in an out-of-bounds location.

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